Rent Our Pedal-Powered Sound System

Our  Pedal-Powered Sound System is now available for rent!

You may have seen it at our Soirée, at the Green Music Fest in Wicker Park, or perhaps at WTTW’s Celebration of Graduation in Tuley Park, powering both music and speeches.

Pedal-Powered Sound System in Action!

Claire Hurwitz Staszak pedal-powers the sound system amplifying host Jerome McDonnell’s speech.

The system is available in three different configurations:

Small - one bike, one speaker - can power sound for a crowd of 300+ - $550/day
Medium - one bike, two speakers - can power sound for a crowd of 500+ - $800/day
Large - two bikes, two speakers - optimal for maximizing power and crowd involvement: can power sound for 600+ - $950/day
Customized - Want a larger, more sophisticated build-out? We can do that too. Contact us for pricing.

**Pick up, Set up and Delivery starts at $200

The system is from the awesome people at Rock the Bike, based in Oakland Park, CA. All configurations listed above include a mixer, microphone, speaker stand(s) and a bunch of cool black cables to tie it all together.

The client is responsible for pickup and drop off. There is no charge to pick up a day before your event and return the day after. Our pickup/drop off location is on the North Side of Chicago, in Andersonville. Delivery fee starts at $100. Security deposit, equal to one day’s rental fee, will be refunded upon return of equipment in original condition.

The first step to renting the equipment is to email Joey Feinstein at to see if we can accommodate your event date. Then, we will send you an estimate or invoice along with the Pedal-Powered Sound System Rental Agreement.

We look forward to making your event unique, fun, and memorable — with sound powered by putting the foot to the pedal!