The Cause

Climate Cycle: The Cause

Global warming caused by global CO2 emissions is one of the most urgent issues facing humanity. Global CO2 emissions reached 6.5 billion tons in 2000, with 75% being caused by the combustion of fossil fuels. We are the cause of global warming; but also possess the tools and ingenuity to combat it.

Did you know that buildings contribute more CO2 emissions than cars? For this reason, solar energy systems can dramatically reduce the release of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide that are byproducts of energy use. For example, a 15-panel solar hot water system can prevent 15 tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Most solar energy systems are designed to last more than 30 years, thus the CO2 emission savings over the life of this system is easily 450 tons. While solar energy is a solution to environmental issues that threaten our planet, it also provides additional benefits that are more visible and practical in our local communities, expanding well beyond the walls of the building. Conserving tax money, keeping energy dollars close to home and making Chicagoland a model for renewable energy education are just a few of the benefits of installing solar energy systems in our schools.

Illinois imports tens of billions of dollars in energy each year. Our Solar Schools Program utilizes local solar contractors and U.S. manufactured equipment whenever possible, helping to strengthen the local economy.