The Schools

Climate Cycle: 2010 Solar Schools

We are thrilled to be granting solar panels and environmental education to the following schools this year!

These installations were made possible through the fundraising efforts of riders and generous support of sponsors such as Nike and the Motorola Foundation.

Curie Metro High School

Thumbnail image for CurieHS TKP124.JPGCurie's dedication to the Clean. Energy. Movement. is unquestionable. Over the past two years, nearly 150 riders and over 200 volunteers from Curie have participated in Climate Cycle's annual ride and have raised over $22,000 in the process.

We are thrilled to announce that this year Climate Cycle will award Curie:
• A five fold increase to their existing solar energy array from 1 KW to 5 KW.
• $7,500 for the purposes of starting a bike club and other active outdoor education pursuits.
This $7,500 stipend is a top fundraising award from our friends at the Motorola Foundation.

Kudos, Curie, for your incredible dedication! We can't wait to see what comes from our continued collaboration.

Lincoln Park High School

LPH.jpgThe Lincoln Park Lions came roaring onto the scene this year. 30 students and 10 teachers participated in the bike ride, and 23 students volunteered by cheering for the riders along the path. Their efforts landed them a 1 KW solar install complete with a data monitoring system. Additionally, they also secured a $2,500 Motorola Foundation grant that will be used to empower students in the Clean. Energy. Movement.

Lincoln Park's leadership and desire to partner with other schools is illustrated here in an excerpt from their Solar Schools application.

We at Lincoln Park High School would like to model ecologically sound practices as well as open the door for our students to become future leaders in the growing green economy. And, because of the nature of the Climate Cycle organization, we can do so in concert with other schools embarking on the same mission, with the support of an organization with a vested interest in our disseminating correct information in meaningful ways.

Al Raby High School

Al Raby revamped.JPGComing on the heels of a very successful environmental day this past March that included scores of student climate projects and appearance by Chevy Chase and Mayor Daley, Al Raby burst onto the Climate Cycle scene this year with seven student and five teacher riders along with eleven virtual fundraisers who raised money but did not ride.

This excerpt from Al Raby's Solar School application illustrates their commitment to instilling their students with a sense of citizen-based solutions to climate change.

It is our vision at Al Raby to be a 'green school', starting from the inside-out. First, to engage and educate students around conservation and climate issues in their school curriculum and afterschool programs. Then, to empower them to have an impact at their school level, by informing decisions, impacting facilities changes, behaviors and cultural changes at their school. Finally, to support them to carry the messages they have learned out to the community.

Armstrong Elementary School

armstrong.JPGIn addition to raising thousands of dollars for this year's ride, Armstrong organized their very own Solar Walk the day after the ride to raise additional funds!

Armstrong's commitment to excellent teaching and passing it on through their students is apparent in this excerpt from their Solar Schools application.

Armstrong's vision for conservation and use of energy is to develop a curriculum that will promote awareness of the adverse affect of wasteful energy usage. In addition, we would like to provide students and their families with useful tips that they can use at school and at home to reduce their carbon footprint.

Students will also be asked to keep a log of their energy usage at home. A chart will be provided for them that will include rooms, appliances used, and length of time. This will help us track students' application of what they are learning. These are reliable and valid ways to measure the students understanding of energy, conservation, and resource management.

Walter Payton College Prep

Walter Payton revamped.JPGFive teachers, two students, and ten volunteers along with a team of "virtual riders" from their Environmental Club forged the solar panel path for Walter Payton this year. Go Payton Green Grizzlies!

This excerpt from their Solar Schools application shows their dedication to sharing solar knowledge across the world.

Walter Payton College Prep strives to provide opportunities for students for international travel and making global connections. During the 2009-2010 school year there have been six student international trips including France, Spain, Prague, Guatemala, Japan, and Eastern Europe. Through the relationships and connections made on these trips, Walter Payton College Prep will share our solar panel experiences and knowledge at a global level.