The Cause

Climate Cycle: Why Solar In Schools?

Enough solar energy hits the earth each minute to power the planet for an entire year. Solar energy, however, is largely untapped because most of our energy comes from imported fossil fuels.

The need for energy independence has never been greater. Schools spend more on utilities than books and computers combined. Therefore, a majority of these taxpayer dollars are leaving our communities. Buildings generate more carbon emissions than cars, trains and planes altogether.

Schools are an ideal placement for renewable energy systems because they save money while offering an effective climate change solution with educational benefits. Climate Cycle absorbs the upfront cost of the solar system, and the complementary curriculum give youth the knowledge and skills to respond to climate change. By working with local public schools, we bring the green economy into our schools and neighborhoods and make it accessible to all.

Our selection criteria for our Solar Schools program ensures that the systems provide the most value and promote leadership throughout all levels of a school.